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The team at GRRA8 Rugby and GRAA8 Sports has a driving passion for Rugby and Sports participation. GRRA8 are dedicated to seeing players, schools and clubs at all levels, develop their rugby and sporting programs. We understand the integral part that sport plays in developing essential movement skills, healthy living and wellbeing, teamwork, socialization, confidence, leadership and the Australian culture.

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The GRRA8 Team approached us earlier in the year asking us to participate in the Greater Rugby Communities Program and after looking at the concept we readily agreed to take part. As a Club we would recommend the GRRA8 Team and the Greater…
Todd and the team recently ran a fantastic four week program for the Singleton Juniors.  All 75 kids and parents really appreciated the preparation and enthusiasm of the sessions. We expect to have a lot more kids appreciating rugby in our…
GRRA8’s baby beaches program was a fantastic experience from both club member and parental perspective. GRRA8’s professionalism and organisation acted as a fantastic scaffold for our club to connect to a wider audience of people and potentially…
Wanderers engaged GRRA8 to run a two day camp in the July holidays. The kids who participated were from several local area teams and all enjoyed the day. It was a well run operation and was a revenue raiser for the club at the same time. Cal…


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